Thursday, June 7, 2012

Having a Rummage/Garage Sale With Purpose

In an earlier post on our Facebook page this week (see below), we discussed having a sale with a purpose (your purpose is unique to you) and if your actions and words are aligned with your purpose, you will achieve success.

Here is a great example of a post we received last year from Mary who's purpose and actions created positive intended results (in many ways!)...

"I have had the most successful rummage sale this year, than ever. I held a Charity Rummage Sale, where all items that were mine or donated to me went for free with a requested a contribution to help a terminally ill cancer patient. I take pride in having an organized rummage and even set tables up with matching d├ęcor items to help sell more. In this case they took more, and were very generous too. This is a wonderful way to make sure having a rummage sale is actually worth while!"

Thank you for letting me share, Mary W.

Then, Cori W. replied:

"I agree! Before we moved I had my most successful rummage sale. Everything was pay what you want and all donations went to the Hunger Task Force. We had a gentleman come who said he did not have a lot, but had gotten food from the task force before. He had a $5 bill, and asked us to give him back just enough for bus fare. We made over $600 and had only 2 small boxes of things left that we donated to the American Council for the Blind. We also talked to quite a few people who loved the idea and shared stores of their own."
 Cori W. Purpose post on Facebook -
We love sellers with a TRUE purpose. By that, we mean those sellers who have clearly and passionately defined the purpose of their sale through their actions and words. A purpose that is so evident when we visit the their sale that we want to buy from them.

Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Wisconsin City Wide Sales List

We're keeping track so you don't have to.  Wisconsin's City/Village/Town wide sale BIG LIST.  Sponsored by Rummage

Visit the WI City Wide BIG LIST now!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do The Spring Fling and Get Organized!

Spring has arrived in a big way here in Wisconsin!  I love this time of year.  As a professional organizer I motivate my clients to do the Spring Fling.  That’s right – don’t just do spring cleaning.  Instead do the Spring Fling.

Start emptying your closets, be honest about what you love and actually wear then – fling the rest!  By Fling I mean toss items that are no good, donate the items that are in good condition or are you up for a rummage sale?  Start organizing your rummage sale items while you do your spring purging. 

Doesn’t that feel amazing? Spring is a time of renewal. 

That is how I feel about helping people get organized.  It renews your soul and makes room for what is truly important in your life.   I wish everyone knew how much organization has to do with their health and well-being.   Clutter and disorganization add stress to your life in so many ways.  It also drains your mental and physical energy.   Clutter can be very distracting and makes you lose focus of the vision you have for your life.  Things from your past can also prevent you from moving forward.   So please get started by doing the spring fling.  I guarantee it will add spring to your step!

Don’t stop with the closets, keep going.  While you are dusting that dresser empty each drawer and do the spring fling.  If something doesn’t belong in there, don’t put it back.  Ask yourself, how is this item used, when and where do I use it.  Be sure you give everything a place based on its purpose.  If there is no longer a purpose what do you do?  That’s right – fling it.  Now you’ve got it.  Put on some music and open the windows.  It will help keep you motivated.  Plan time to get through each room, cabinets, closets and drawers.  I promise you will enjoy your summer that much more knowing your home is organized.   If you commit to doing this once a year, it will not take very long.

Now if you are having a rummage sale, have a reward in mind.  What do you want to do with the money from your rummage sale?  Will you put it towards a weekend away with your family?  Donate it to charity?  Having a purpose for your rummage sale also keeps you motivated.  After having gone through this purging process, you also are more aware on a daily basis of what you have, what you are using or not using and where things belong.   You will find yourself letting go of things on a regular basis so they don’t become clutter.

Don’t forget the garage.  The more organized your garage is the more you can enjoy your gardening and outside activities. 

Go for it!  You can do it!  We’re cheering you on this spring. 

Diane Konrath
Professional Organizer, Efficiency Expert & Speaker