Friday, March 27, 2009

Having Fun With Rummage Sales

Attending Rummage Sales can sometimes be a drag for some family members. You know, the kids get bored or the hubby just sits in the car and listens to the game. Well, one of our TWN E-Newsletter subscribers, Jodi Schneeweis (from Hubertus, WI), shares with us how she and her family and friends have fun with Rummage Sales...

This past summer the neighbors and I came up with a little bit of rummage-sale fun! It is a bit of a scavenger hunt with the most clever find-a winner! With the help of your site (, we hunted the local sales for cookie cutters that would suit dog treats or cat treats in such shapes as mailpersons, fire hydrants, newspapers, fish, mice-you name it; the more original, the better. Then we taught our children and grandchildren how to make dog and cat treats from scratch (pardon the pun!). Click to view recipes

The neighbors brought along their decorated pet food bowls for our furry four-legged friend's treats. While we baked the treats the kids watched movies such as Disney's AirBud, 101 Dalmatians, and The Cat in the Hat we had purchased at the sales. An air-pop popcorn popper supplied the snacks while a vintage Kool Aid pitcher and glasses served the beverages. We crowed over our fantastic "finds" including air-bake cookie sheets, spatulas, and pet supplies. It was a great time for those of us on a budget! We plan on doing this again next rummage season. The pets loved the treats we made which are much healthier than store-bought treats; especially in light of last year's import dilemmas with melamine! We now knew that those pricy-trendy biscuits could also be replaced at more reasonable prices. I used the same methods over the holidays to give small pet gifts using snowmen cookie cutters. We would like to thank you for the sale listings that made our party possible!

If you would like to share your Rummage Sale fun (selling or buying), please share it with us. (Thanks to Jodi for sharing her great idea and story.)

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