Friday, May 15, 2009

Do You Ask for a Rummage Sale Item Discount?

We all go to Rummage Sales to find discounted items for sale. Most of the time the seller has discounted the price (many times dramatically) from its original store price tag. Knowing that, do you ask for a discount when rummaging? If so, do you have any bargaining tips to share?

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  1. Sue - South MilwaukeeMay 16, 2009 at 8:44 AM

    Yes, most definitely do I ask for a discount. I know most sellers want to get rid of their sale items, so why not ask for a discount. The best discounts usually happen when I'm buying multiple items . . . you know, the "BULK" discount.

  2. when i have a sale i dont like giving discounts on the first day. like this weekend for example. i had a 2 peice outfit out that was my daughters. size 4 maybe worn twice. it had beads and sequence and designs. it was a beautiful outfit i got alot of compliments on it. well i paid almost $30 so i put $5 on it. on the first day the guy asked if i would take $2. ummm NO! thats less then half the price i got on it! so he left and the next day i got $5 for it.